ACTFMS is an immigrant information system to facilitate requests for residence and working permits by foreigners that want to immigrate to the island. The procedure consists of the registration process, the evaluation & review process and the execution process.
The application is so flexible that with ACTFMS, Immigration Departments can customize the flow of their registration procedure according to their needs. Based on the configuration in ACTFMS it can automatically perform various controls on the registered information (e.g. the system can check whether the person is blacklisted by countries or other entities). To do this, there is a link with important third parties (e.g. the police department).
During the evaluation & review process, authorized users can monitor the progress of the requests as well as react to the triggers and signals produced by ACTFMS.
Once the permit has been granted or declined, the official documents can be printed and the petitioner notified to pick them up.
The application also features a built-in Document Management System which makes it possible for each department to register and consult the documents per client.
ACTFMS simplifies human operations, and consequently reduces the likelihood and thus the amount of errors. ACTFMS also provides an objective view of all requests received, processed and delivered.