With ACTK18 the guardianship council can manage and monitor child protection, (youth) criminal cases, alimony, custody and guardianship per registered child within the organization. ACTK18 is an information system developed to assist the guardianship council and covers the whole adoption management process from start to finish. It supports the main processes intake, review, execution and completion of cases involving minors in a flexible generic way, thereby guaranteeing an effective and time-saving process. The application has a built-in Document Management System which makes it possible for each department to register and consult documents per dossier. ACTK18 can easily handle the complexity of each case with its built-in tracking capacity feature. The implementation of the application allows the officials at the guardianship department to extract both operational and strategic information. Thus, reporting on an aggregate level becomes a reality. Through ACTK18, a labor-intensive process is supported and the number of human errors is drastically reduced.