UNITY is a Procurement & Budget Control application specifically designed to help the organization make its business processes more efficient across the entire value chain. The organization can manage and organize the internal usage of general supplies, services and fixed assets more effective. The client can increase the efficiency of its procurement cycle.

The procurement cycle for:

                Purchase Orders (stock items, assets and services)

                Internal Requests (stock items, assets and services)

                Business Travels

                Budget Reallocations

For example UNITY   allows the purchasing department to submit and review requisitions from anywhere in the organization, at any time, by using a browser. With a click of a button, certain users in the role of buyer can create supply requests orders or fulfill approved requisitions that are compliant with the workflow. In addition, budget controls can be defined in a variety of flexible ways to ensure budget compliance.

By controlling costs effectively and setting budgets on the posting accounts, the head of Purchasing department can reduce operating costs and achieve the fast, efficient fulfillment of supplies to the consuming departments in the organization.

Without an effective procurement solution, organizations must rely on paper-driven, and often error-prone, purchasing and invoicing processes that waste time and money. Frustration with system inefficiency also reduces user and supplier efficiency, and compromises compliance with contracts and preferred suppliers. Additionally, maverick spending on goods and services hampers the ability of organizations to control costs and find new opportunities for savings.

The UNITY application addresses these problems in a structured and easy to manage way that guarantees a return in investments on the short run.